St. John, VI 00830

Advantages of a Zip Code: St. John is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, a United States territory. As a result we have a Zip Code: 00830 There are many benefits to having a zip code that our neighboring islands don’t enjoy: Being under the US flag and the protection of the U.S.A. for starters. […]


Earlier today the Federal Reserve cut the Fed Funds rate by a half percentage point to 4.75%, citing turmoil in financial markets as a threat to economic growth. How will this affect real estate prices? Rising rates was one of the leading causes of the slow down. Lower rates makes houses more affordable to more […]

The Red Sea

I live in Coral Bay. When I had a boat moored in the bay I got into the habit of starting each day by checking on the boat from my bedroom window to make sure it was still afloat and OK. Though I sold the boat a few years ago (the 2nd happiest day in […]


Virgin Islands students are ready to head back to school and for the first time in over 30 years I have not heard frantic warnings that the schools are not nearly ready.  Perhaps the new administration of Gov. John deJongh Jr.  and Acting Education Commissioner Lynn Spampinato are getting a grip on a perennial Virgin Islands problem.  […]